We, Taniyama Siam Co.,Ltd., are a pioneer in pursuing the motto “Safe and Traceable”

Safe & Trace

We, Taniyama Siam Co., Ltd., are a pioneer in pursuing the motto Safe and Traceable

Eating is after all a most vital part of life. We strive to constantly provide safe and healthy, high-quality agricultural products to all our consumers. With this concept in mind, we contract Thai farms, grow and process crops, and deliver the produce straight to your table.

We make every effort to reduce chemical residue levels which is one of our main focal points of operation. We inspect our
products daily at our laboratory, and raw materials from the farmers are also regularly examined in order to keep residue
levels at the absolute possible minimum.

These quality control practices has been set up and carried out because of the concept of “Safe and Traceable”.
Additionally, we have achieved to obtain “Good Manufacturing Practices ”(GMP) and “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point”(HACCP) certificates in 2004, and all our contracted farms have been verified as field of “Good Agricultural Practices”(GAP).

We, Taniyama Siam, endeavor to take an essential role in providing good food to all over the world.

Our factory is certified safe by GMP/HACCP

In 2004 the government of Thailand established a new standard in order to supply safe food. With this movement, all agricultural field should be verified as GAP, and all factories of food production should also be GMP and HACCP certified.

We, Taniyama Siam Co., Ltd., took action and immediately acquired all necessary certifies. Our products’ standard is guaranteed by a quality assurance system in ratification with international quality standards.

For the purpose of supplying agricultural products, Taniyama’s Quality Assurance Department (QA).implement their roles to follow quality management and to provide with quality control education to all staff, to explain the agricultural materials to farmers, to do the chemical residue inspection and keep in touch with the concerned government agencies and certify bodies.


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